Halloween in London – Yes it happens

We’re finally in our new flat! As we tell Max, our semi-permanent flat where he will live longer than he has lived anywhere else in his short life. He definitely understands. 😛 We’ve been here since October 14, and have unpacked all 23 of our boxes and made numerous online purchases. What did people without cars do before the internet and delivery? I suppose order from catalogs?

Anyway – we’ve been so busy ordering stuff and unpacking that new stuff and figuring out things like the internet, that I still haven’t taken an informal tour of the flat to show everyone. Just know that it’s 30% bigger than our place in Brighton. Yes really. Bizarre, I know.

Instead, let’s talk Halloween in the UK. It’s slowly catching on, though nothing like it would be in the US. For example, our pumpkin is still sitting intact on our very public front stoop! Younger people commonly go out to bars or parties in “fancy dress” (ie costumes), but not nearly the volume we would see in the US, especially with the humdinger combination of Halloween on a Saturday!!

We were planning on using trick or treating as a way to meet our neighbors, but thankfully I read this primer on Halloween in the UK. You don’t knock on doors that don’t have Halloween decorations out. In the US, I guess the rule is don’t knock on doors that don’t have a light on. Sadly, no one besides our stoop had any decorations, so we’ll have to conjure up another way to meet the neighbors (besides getting the old ladies upset about the foxes on our boxes).

We took a trek down to Chalcot Square on Primrose Hill (3.5 mi away) per this Urban Mum’s advice. About 25 minutes on the tube – not too bad. It was a freaking mob scene though! Think Salem MA, only like 1% of that amount of people. Ok that’s a bad analogy but there were 10+ kids at all times at the doors. After the first house, Max clearly understood what to do – stand there and wait for it to be offered! He did try to enter one house, and take another little kid’s candy, but in general it was a success – he got 6 whole pieces, including a lolli, so we called it a night and went back home.

All in all, I was happy that there was some kind of Halloween, though next year we might try slightly closer to home. I would post a photo of Max on T’s shoulders but my phone took a swim this morning and I can’t turn it on. Fingers crossed it will go on tomorrow. Here’s a video from earlier in the day on our way to the Farmer’s Market: Tiger Max Loves Buggies. (Tried to embed it but failed.) So instead, here’s a shot from T’s instagram account, expat_dad:

tiger toddler halloween


One comment

  1. Susan · November 2, 2015

    That 1000 watt smile broadcasts to the world: I AM LOVED! LIFE IS GOOD even in this ridiculous outfit!


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