Spitalfields City Farm

It turns out in addition to huge, wonderful, green parks, London has some tiny parks! We decided on Spitalfields City Farm, located less than a mile from a Zone 2 tube stop (Bethnal Green). Saturday we set out around 1:30 PM… only to be beset by public transit issues.

Toddler Profile

Contemplating the crowded bus and our future train signal failures.

We ditched our plans and visited Hyde Park again.

Max loved it, of course! He ran all over the place, charming the ladies and making friends with two different groups that had food to offer. It turns out looking adorable and opening your mouth will get you delicious treats! The end of the toddler POV video is him meeting another group.

But never fear we made it to Spitalfields City Farm on Sunday, yet another perfect fall day here in London. It’s in a bit of a dodgy area of London, or “up and coming” if you will. Max was equally fascinated by the rabbits, trains running by, and the handicapped ramps.

spitafields city farm

Spying on the cows

Loving on the calves

Loving on the calves

Is that hay on your head?

Is that hay on your head?

I like you.

I like you. Until you moo, and I think you sound like the Dad monster, so my face spasms and I start a little bit of a cry.

Peeking in on the pigs

Peeking in on…

black and white pig

Watson, of the duo Watson and Holmes, gorgeous pigs

Spitafields City Farm - vegetables galore

Spitafields City Farm – vegetables galore

The farm was like a little mini-commune run by volunteers in the middle of a downtrodden neighborhood. There was homemade foods from a mini-cafe, scooters, shouting children, and yurts. And reclaimed water, land, and poop! Definitely a chill, feel-good kind of place to spend 40 minutes. Or an afternoon, if you don’t arrive right before they close.

Tube ride, pre-meltdown

Tube ride, pre-meltdown

tube ride

Oh Hi Mom!

All in all, it was a great day. It turns out not having friends who live close by and being in a new city means lots of adventures! #winning


One comment

  1. Susan · September 28, 2015

    Great photos, and great subjects, as always. You have a way with the camera. And T and Max and the animals are super-photogenic.


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