5 Differences Between Mexico City and London

This post is kind of silly because basically everything is different between Mexico City and London. But here are my top noticed differences:

1. Food. Give me Mexican any day! Finest restaurants in the world but also killer street food and cheap eats abound. I think I had five different carbs at lunch today. But also a great steak, tacos, and apparently sushi, though I didn’t try it this time. Our potato chip puff things at the steakhouse were served in a basket made of rippled potato chips. Whhhaaattttt??!!!

Potato on potato on potato

Potato on potato on potato

Tacos de pollo

Tacos de pollo at the local hole in the wall.

Gelatina gelatina gelatina !

Gelatina gelatina gelatina !

The street food I wanted to eat but didn't. You're welcome, baby.

The street food I wanted to eat but didn’t. You’re welcome, New Baby. Even the corporate part of Mexico City had street meat!

2. Colours. Or Colors. Or Colores. So many colors, from the graffitied buildings to the greenery to the markets to the clothes to the taxis to basically everything. Even though the weather here was basically the same as London (rainy), it was so much brighter! I had to restrain myself at the market because I wanted to bring all of the colors home. I mostly succeeded but I mean, I had to spend the pesos I had left because who knows when I’ll next be in Mexico?


Flowers. Duh.

Flowers. Duh.

Even the sinks are colourful.

Even the sinks are colourful.

Workers at the Frida Kahlo museum. Man, she loved colour!

Workers at the Frida Kahlo museum. Man, she loved colour! Her house is a deep blue on the outside, and called “Casa Azul.” She also did a lot to advance the consideration of crafts as folk art.

3. Transit. I could have taken public transit at the end of my trip… But everyone here drives. One of the things that is the same – Uber!! But damn the drivers here are crazier than London. Basically anyone middle class and above has a car so traffic is notoriously bad. We sat in plenty of it.

4. Language, duh. Though most corporate people speak English, and obviously hotel and travel people speak English, most people only speak Spanish. I sound like a 5 year old when I speak Spanish, and understand about as much as a 5 year old too. Ok maybe more than that. I sat through 1.5 days of meetings that were mostly in Spanish. I’d try to add something and would use 66% Spanish and 33% English. Hey, I was trying. I think sometimes my comment was even relevant!

5. Service. They are really committed to service here. Either they’re working hard for the 15% tip or staff is affordable enough they can have lots of people on hand or they’re just nicer than Londoners or some combination. People often went out of their way. And then there’s my infamous second floor airplane seat!! I LOVE CLUB WORLD ie WAY EASIER TO SLEEP ON THE AIRPLANE IN A FLAT SEAT CLASS.

club world british airways

Enjoying my complimentary OJ, footrest, and extreme recline.

Really I did enjoy the trip, effective business time and all, but I couldn’t wait to be home.

Bonus pinata action video!


One comment

  1. Susan · September 25, 2015

    Great photos, but they are lacking Max and T 🙂


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