Portobello Road Market & the Cops in our back yard

One day, it’s utterly gloomy and damp, and the next it’s gorgeous. Thank goodness today is a Saturday! Sadly T isn’t feeling too well, but I suppose any day he gets to sleep in is a good day.

Well he got to sleep in after we recovered from the 4:30 am wake up caused by a helicopter hovering over our flat, and just not leaving. I got up and looked out back, only to see some cops hopping garden walls! Then out front in our “mews” (read: alley), there were two more cops and a police car (a ford hatchback of some kind).

Eventually we heard one of our neighbours say, He ran that way! There have been a string of home break-ins, and apparently this was another one. The police dropped a brochure in our mail box last week. I couldn’t decide if this whole event made me feel more or less safe, but settled on more because I certainly can’t imagine a helicopter and back yard chase in Boston if a citizen called about a break in.

Max slept through the whole thing, and the a few hours later we trekked down to the Portobello Road market. Think lots of stalls selling used and new clothes, antiques, food, groceries, and souvenirs.

Things I bought: a blue collar necklace, a used jean jacket, cheap sunnies (where my nice ones are, I’m not sure), two small house plants, and a doughnut. And some produce.

Things I almost bought: some fish for dinner, a Ceramic gold skull, and a billowy dress.

Things i couldnt find: two small ceramic pots, two bowls to replace the two we broke here, and children’s books. I swear, if I have to read Little Humans one more time…

Things we lost: one paci. Not too bad.


Max got something too.

Do you believe we were there yet? It's just a 15 minute walk from our apartment.

Do you believe we were there yet? It’s just a 15 minute walk from our apartment.

Portobello road flowers

Look they have flowers here in the UK too!

Portobello road

The road is shut down for the day (and Friday too I think).


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