Hyde Park – Serpentine Lake or, Our Saturday

Unlike in Boston, we don’t have so many chores to do. That means between Max’s two naps, we go out for adventures! Today (before nap 1), there was the roof deck. But post nap, it was a bus ride and a trip to Hyde Park! London is impressive in its number of parks and green spaces, and in how many people use them.

We decided on Hyde Park because it was just a 30 minute bus ride, and mentioned some in about a paddle pool for kids. This was no ordinary pool, though. It was a granite line, streaming circular creek about 200 meters I’m circumference. Kids were running everywhere, no life guards, I’m sure someone knocked out a tooth… Yet no one seemed to care. It was refreshingly unregulated.

serpentine lake stream

T and Max, off to explore. We set up camp in the middle of the stream.

serpentine lake

The granite stream. Don’t worry, the granite was textured, not slippery, but the current could easily take a small baby a few feet.


A panorama of the area, which i took spinning in a circle. You kind of get an idea of the scale. I’m still learning what makes a good iPhone panorama.

hyde park

A sculptural, artistic, colourful cafe experience.


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