Learning from the natives

baby window

Max yells down to the kids entering the nursery across the mew (ie alley).

Max is enjoying the low windows in our place, while Mom, or rather “Mum,” has nightmares about him opening the window and falling down onto the cobblestones below. We’re getting a door gate to put temporarily across the window, just in case. Oh you brits, so casual about toddler safety! Or maybe it’s just that our Air BnB hostesss has a 14 year old, not a 1.5 year old. Riiight. Regardless, Max is learning quite a lot from observing the “natives”, whether across the street at the nursery or at the local park. No one yet has shown him how to catch a pigeon, which is quite disappointing in his eyes.

We’re slowly getting those “must haves” accomplished. Two of us have our residence cards, one of us has a mobile, and we have a bank account – but with no money in it. Ahhh logistics, so boring yet so necessary. I will say it’s nice here that there are so MANY mobile phone options that all seem to be pretty good.

And in other oh so exciting news, I ordered a Kindle touch yesterday on Prime day to replace my poor lost Kindle. Well, I think it’s lost. I know I didn’t pack it, and I haven’t seen it since North Carolina. Soon I shall be reading once again.

All for now – cheerio!


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