One Agency vs. Another

First day at a new job – check! There’s nothing like a few stress induced nightmares and a mix-up at the post office to keep you on your toes.

I know my old coworkers would love the inside track on all the important stuff, like seating and snacks. Well, this new place offers much smaller desks – MUCH – for most people, though it seems to work out fine. There’s also basically no conference rooms. Space is at a premium! 

That being said, there’s coffee and tea everywhere, and free breakfast Fruit for a healthy snack too! Not to mention, the office is spread over 6 floors with one lift, so most people use the stairs. I’m on the second (read third in U.S. terms) floor, so I got my workout today! And it’s spread over a few buildings.

Sadly, they restrict IT download privileges, and there’s just no replacing Dan Chan. Somehow I’ll get by…. Somehow.

One day soon we’ll have mobiles and a bank account and a doctor and our right paperwork. For now, it’s the small victories, like buying groceries and getting to work. 



  1. Theresa Ann Fitzsimmons · July 15, 2015

    Yeah for small victories! Was chatting with your mom and Steve today. We’re going to get together and crack that wine I got in California. Cheers!


    • Casey F. · July 17, 2015

      Awww Mustah boy is going to love that!! have a drink (or three) for me!


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