London, UK Arrival

“Ah, so this is the first time you’re traveling on this visa?”

Yep, sure is, UK Border Control.

Special shout out to the queue manager who let us cut the last 20 people in the customs line. After just 30 minutes of sleep, a toddler who only had four hours instead of his normal 12, and a ridiculous amount of luggage wrangling and last minute chores, it was a nice bit of kindness. I almost took a photo of our arrival, but we all looked a little worse for the wear, so you can just imagine it.

After managing to convince a taxi driver that yes, our six ginormous suitcases, six carry-on bags, stroller, and car seat could in fact fit in his van, we made it to Shepherds Bush, London, our first Air BnB residence. It’s jus across the mew (ie alley) from a nursery school, which Max is going to love observing every day.

Big decisions now- to iPhone or not to iPhone?


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