Brighton, MA: Farewell

I never thought I would actually like living in Brighton. I only moved here because a 1 bed was cheaper than Somerville, closer to work, and near my new(ish) boyfriend.

After 8 years here, I love it for a few reasons.

Proximity. It’s still in Boston, and yeah I have to take the B line, but it’s close to everything, including many of our friends. Grocery stores, restaurants, libraries are all relatively close.

Diversity. All income levels, ethnicities, and ages. T’s best friend is our 64 year old Greek neighbor. It’s a little gritty, and I like that. Except for the drug den across the street, which I think stopped.

Apartments. Sure they’re not always huge, but many have period details. And often parking and outdoor space. And maybe lead paint but who’s counting.

Parking. It sucks on the street, but at least you can park overnight! Take that, Brookline.

Friendliness. I mean, it’s still Boston, but we’re  on a first name basis with our mail carrier, neighbors, and fellow dog owners. 

All in all, it’s a pretty great place to live, even with a toddler, and I’ll miss it. But I bet London has a few dozen neighborhoods that will meet this criteria… Sans friends.


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