An Empty Home

Our apartment in Boston MA, just 14 hours before we leave for the airport. The suitcases in the bedroom represent everything we’ll live with in our Air BnB rentals for the next 12 weeks. Apparently lots of diapers. Shit is getting real!

My favorite [self] quote from moving:

I’m like a squirrel with tampons! They’re everywhere!

Shelves, cupboards, bags, suitcases. Everywhere. Now, they’re all gone. I guess it’s a benefit of a total house cleaning!



  1. merri217 · July 16, 2015

    I’m with ya girl… I found SO MANY tampons while packing/moving! Wtf?!


    • Casey F. · July 17, 2015

      HA I guess it’s just habit. You never want to be without… or something. The irony is that I haven’t needed many over the past 2 years!


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